Here's a collection of my favorite artwork.

Browse through the following scrimshaw work.

Three Toms on Antler

Wolf on Antler

Elephant Ivory Knife Handle

Eagle Portrait on Ivory

Loon on Ivory

Cardinal on Mammoth Ivory

Whitetail on Ivory Tie Tack

Grrrrrrr! on Ivory Tie Tack
Moose on Ivory Tie Tack Who? on Ivory Tie Tack
Tie Tack or Cuff Lynx on Ivory Jerry VanEisenga Knife with Badger
Dr. James Lucie Knife with Scrimshaw Zebra on Ivory Ear Rings
A personalized Dr. Lucie minature Scagel axe. African Blackwood & Ivory Money Clip/ Knife with Scrimshaw
A personalized Dr. Lucie minature knife.